ustream-logoI was one of over 100k people that downloaded the Ustream application form Apple’s App Store the day it was available.  I wanted to see if I could  watch some of the inauguration and I also wanted to just test out the technology.  I had read about the application on some blogs I follow.

My plan was to use the application on an iPod Touch to watch a live stream from and guess what?  It was perfect.  There are reviews in the app store about the app crashing and complaints that the app only works over wi-fi and that it doesn’t work over 3G or slower EDGE networks.

Remember folks it’s free and it was just released, so wait for the updates and it will steadily improve.

UPDATE: 1/23/09 11:15 pm EST — I just went to the App Store and guess what? I have a new update from Ustream.  Various bug fixes and Full Screen Support.