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Star Wars Mimibot

Star Wars Mimibot

In my daily life I find that I am using several different gadgets and most of them are not adorkable. I use my laptop, mobile phone, and iPod the most. I thought about getting a skin for my laptop but it is usually just tucked away on my desk sitting in it’s dock. If I am in a meeting there is a certain image that a skin would project that would not be appropriate at times so I nixed that idea. My iPod classic does have a skin and I love it. It gives my iPod a unique look and the benefit of protection. My iPod does not have a skin but it has two cases and an adorkable pouch I picked up while traveling in Japan. the Japanese ‘get’ adorkable. Mobile phone is just a workhorse so no personalization for me there. But then there are thumb-drives which I tend to lose and if it has a cap it lasts a month at best. So I have opted to only have thumb-drives that have a retractable feature.

Then I came across this site of thumb-drives and was hooked. I had seen some really adorkable thumb-drives in Harajuku but they were just not geek enough for me. The Mimobot thumb-drives have something for everyone.

Make sure you check them out and the entire collection of designer thumb-drives.


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