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It’s almost Christmas and I am searching for adorkable gift for my geek friends.  I sound this one at my firned at and I think it’s terrific.  Take a look for yourself.

Powered by a simple USB port, the Snowbot has a scanning light just like the robots from the future. You can change the speed of the scan, turn on/off the scanning noise, and (for future protection) change the scan color (red or blue). Good luck and happy holidays.


What an absolutely simple idea!  I like simple ideas that work.  If you have been on a plane and wanted to watch a movie on your iPod or iPhone you have experienced one of the challenges of viewing.  You just can’t hold the device in your hand for the length of the movie.  I’ve tried propping the device up against peanut bags, books, cups, snack trays etc.  But it always ends up sliding down.  Yes, I do love gadgets and it must be my inner geek but this thing looks great to me.  It’s called the Movie Wedge just take 30 secs and go check it out.  It’s $9.95